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His particular mention of Johnny's smacks of personal bias not based on facts. Maybe his wife dumped him for Johnny's or something...


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it depends on the target audience of course... most of us who like some Johnny & Inc. (ARASHI and esp O for me) are more internet dependent. The numbers do add up but the general popularity would only be based on these hundred or thousand numbers...(here in the US)

basically what I'm saying is...realistically, there is a very slim chance that they can be as successful as Lady G. you have to HAVE what it takes to be a known persona in the music industry. Money,. back up (people w/ influence), charisma, THE VOICE and language proficiency. The latter being a drawback for most Japanese artists.

And what I said up there doesn't mean that they won't succeed. I mean they have a chance of being a success just a very slim one. And if they get luckier, they will be become a household name...

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